The first Cathedral Museum occupied just two rooms (about 60 sq.m.) with access from the Basilica of St. Florido and St. Amanzio; in one room liturgical vestments were displayed, in the other there were paintings and silver vessels. 
On 23 March 1991 larger, re-designed premises were opened consisting of some seven rooms (about 430 sq.m.) on two floors. Some of these rooms had been part of the 16th and 17th century sacristies, while others were of much earlier construction dating from 13th and 14th centuries.
    The present building inaugurated on 18th March 2000, constitutes the most extensive Museum of sacred artefacts (800 sq.m.) in the whole of Italy. All its twelve rooms and galleries, including a noble Gothic hall of majestic proportions, are the result of painstaking and meticulous restoration in order to reveal their original form and character.
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